Hidden Gemz: Blake Yung

Blake Yung, another hidden gem of talent, has been generating music since 2007. First, in an intense hardcore rock band, and then taking a serious flip into his versatile style of alternative rock rap fusion in 2012. Yung is influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne, Guns N Roses, and Blink-182.

Through personal discovery, I stumbled upon Yung, on Twitter, and I am glad that I did. He fits into this series of artist features, because he is tied to the music he makes. These tracks are his story, a voyage through his emotional narrative.

He was among one of the first artist I found for my Hidden Gem series. His 2019 single, “Low Key” resembled a Post Malone, Travis $cott, or Machine Gun Kelly track. I messed heavy with this track, the mingling of the guitar, high-hats, electronic-drum 808 style beat, with Blake’s rap flow. Play this one for you and the homies riding around in the evening getting up to no good.

He captures and rides the wave of the beat. He is consistent with riding the track’s beat, creating lyrics that voice personal emotion, and provokes such of the listeners.

This stands true to the artist’s new EP “I’m Fine”, it recently dropped on April 17th,2020.

From track one, I knew this EP would be packed-in with emotionally impacted lyrics, guitar infused beats, and easy-going rap flow.

“Wildflower”: On Blake’s first, he teams up with MOD SUN, hippy hop artist, former drummer of Four Letter Lie. They deliver a tale of the partner they fell deeply for, just to find out the true colors of who their partner really was. This rings true in lyrics:

The beat switches up once Yung hits the chorus, MOD SUN comes through afterwards to spit his verse and declare his heart ache of a love connection lost.

“Limit”: From the opening, with just acoustic guitar riffs Blake’s voice, as if he’s just reciting chapter from his persona journal. The sound forced a pure and raw connection. A tale of love lost,a lonely journey of self reflection, a song of heart break. This song provoked this dreamy acoustic version of love. That type of love that just might save you, from yourself. I admire the whole EP, but “Limit” is my top favorite, just because it was a track that displays Blake’s pure sound, his vocals and guitar.

“Time”: This heartbreak narrative continues on track three with a feature from Orlando,Florida’s rapper, Caskey, the last track of the EP. A failed love because of a lover’s dishonesty. One line that stands out is:

If you have had the luxury to be in love or fall for someone else, you may have also had the misfortune of broken trust. “Time” plays off this bleak experience.

All in all, if you are looking for a heart break recovery, alternative-rap EP, Blake Yung brings it all together for you in this project.

Listening to Blake’s EP, you should give production props to Eric Von and Cameron Nadler.

Stream the EP here and feel free to follow Blake Yung on these social medias:



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