A borrowed track from King Krule’s track, “Out Getting Ribs”, sped up and mixed with clever raps was my first earful of Ivy Sole. That track goes by the name of “All Mine” from Sole’s 2016 debut mixtape Eden.

Ivy is a master of using something borrowed, bring blues, and transforming it into something new. Ivy wears all these well in her production. A soulful touch to rap and detailed storytelling that leaves listeners connected. I am a proper fan of artist unleashing tales of their past struggle to their fight for success. …

Lately I have been on a Grentea Peng binge. With their new single “Nah it ain’t the same” popping up has drove me back into my obsession with the r&b, reggae, neo-soul goddess.

First introduction to Greentea was through a Colors performance for their single “Downers”. The South East Londoner has had a lust for music since the age of 17. After a trip to Mexico, Peng came back to London and partnered up with her new producer, Earbuds. Together they created Peng’s first EP, Sensi (released October 2018).

Iron and Wine vibes flood my mind as I listen to “Lake Ontario” track off of Adrian Prath’s album that goes by the same name.

“Rupert Station” catches my ear as a groovy, repetitive, and catchy chorus. A declaration of not wanting to feel how he’s feeling for a lover. He turns these lyrical blues and yearning into a danceable tune. Adrian’s instrumental track “North” also deserves praise. Guitar riffs, trippy chords, and keyboard come together in an acoustic Cocteau Twins-esque medley.


Let’s just get this out the way, 2020 was a shit year. But, one discovery, I found that I actually like it best when our favorite artists are locked up with no tour dates or other social obligations. It just makes for banging inspiration!

We have also lost some greats in music this year. The beginning of 2021, we found out that long time London born, NY native rapper, MF Doom, was announced dead January 1,2021 (in the media), but had passed on Halloween 2020.

MF Doom is an artist that staples the time of the end…

In 2014, Corbin put out a music video for his single, “Without You.” A lo-fi alternative R&B with elements of cloud rap and lyrics of both a lust that turns dark. In the video, his clothing changes from white to black turtleneck along with bad lighting and video quality adding a comical element to this smooth track. This video got 10 million views. I don’t think the then 16 year old Corbin, knew that his music persona, Spooky Black, would gain the music realms attention like it did.

Corbin, also known as Spooky Black or Lil Spooky, is a Minnesota…

Come, let this soulful smooth dream wash all over and around you. Like a sonic wave of musical emotion. Yianna creates lyrics that speak better than words unspoken and has a memorable voice. Vibration of sound leave their trace long after I listened to Yianna’s single, “When I’m Loving You”. This 2020 single from Yianna’s latest release album, “Class of 1995”, had me slow dancing and thinking of all the love (present and past) that I’ve experienced.

This New Jersey native who recently moved to Brooklyn, New York has a range of influences that contributed to her sound. From the…

Whether Azomali is taking in Colombia’s beauty, while admiring ancestral sounds or stepping through New York City streets, he stays keeping it true to both sides. Although he raps in Spanish with flare and sprinkles in English, his tongue whips back and forth between the Colombian ancestors and NYC legends. He speaks of this in our interview “bridging urban and farmland, a double life.” This is what he does, taking Colombia influences to New York sound.

This brings our attention to Azomali’s most viewed music video on YouTube, “Guacamaya”. Filmed in Colombia, we see Azomali pushing a cart of Mangoes…

Chelsea Monet has been on the music scene since 2009, and hasn’t stopped since!

I had the pleasure of viewing a live performance in East Los Angeles by Chelsea Monet, alongside Sema and Xia Gemini in 2017.

After hearing that Monet was coming out with a new EP that they produced themselves, I was honored at the chance to review their brand new project, Moody.

Let’s get into these funky, wavy, groovy, and may I add, dance-able instrumentals created by none other Monet herself.

The spirit of music changes with the generation changes with the times, our movements, morals, mannerisms, and communal narratives.

Regardless of the times of mixed anger, violence, internet opinions, or movement personal end goals, I see music as a uniting force that pulls many together. These past three weeks, music has been my security blanket. An aspect that I can turn to, to always call home. Lyrics can start conversations, speak to the heart of the people, when they are at a lack of words.

Over the course of my life, Black artists in the media have been my beacon…

Not only are these albums sick as fuck, but they got me through some quarantine blues and yellows, highs and lows, and serve soundtrack to my life during these bizzaro times.

As California begins to reopen, I thought I would share these delights with you.

Some are well known artists, others are homies new tunes that have been giving life. Leaving you the albums of some of these sick singles.

I support all the quarantine music that is being made right now. It feels ultra raw and authentic. Enjoy.

1. “Guys” by The 1975: Notes on a Conditional Form (genre…

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